Food Security and Sovereignty

At Micronesia Climate Change Alliance, we have been working to spread awareness about the issue of climate change and how it will affect us as islanders, both at home and internationally. In our region we depend on up to 90% of imported foods to sustain our populations. This is dangerous as it leaves our community vulnerable to any catastrophe that may disrupt the transportation of goods. Additionally, the global food systems that bring us our imported meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains are incredibly damaging to the Earth. From the pesticides and antibiotics used, to the green-house gasses emitted by the agricultural and shipping industries, no climate change work would be complete without the dismantling of these systems.
We are creating resources such as a plant based cookbook and a web series encouraging locally grown, sustainable produce. We also uplift local businesses, farmers, other community initiatives and organizations that focus on food security. We hope to continue to build upon this program and provide our people with models of food systems that are healthier for our bodies, lands and seas.

Fanggái'ase' -Conscious Living & Compassionate Eating. 

Check out this short clip to learn about the creation of our community cookbook. 

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All proceeds go into the climate justice work our organization does. 

Co-creation of this beautiful, healthy, plant-based cookbook and e-book helps build collaborative resistance in the Marianas to a colonized modern diet that erases indigenous culture, pollutes bodies and harms the environment. Practical tips on composting and using traditional local produce enhance our guide to local restaurants and stores.

This work of love combats the climate crisis, decolonizes our communities on the path to a just transition, and shares the taste of our culture with the world.