Networks, Alliances, Resources

for Climate Change and Micronesia

Protectors Websites and other Organizations



Guam Nature Alliance | Guampedia | University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability | Ecology of Birdloss Program | Micsem 


-Youth and Climate

Heirs to Our Oceans H2OOClimate StrikeFridays for FutureEarth Guardians



Micronesia Island Nature Alliance | Micronesia Challenge | Micronesia Conservation Trust | Sea Grant Guam 



For the WildSunstorm | All My Relations | Well for Culture | Bioneers | For Micronesians By Micronesians | Dear Gorgeous | Stories from Home-Living the Just Transition 


-Food sovereignty-

Guahan Sustainable Culture | Farm to Table | La Via Campesina


-Demilitarization and Decolonization of the Marianas-

Independent GuahanPrutehi LitekyanAlternative Zero | Our Commonwealth 670 | Decolonize Donne’ | Environmentalist Against War | Veterans for Peace | Tinian Women’s Association