FANGGÁI’ASE’: Conscious Living and Compassionate Eating (HARD COPY)
Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

FANGGÁI’ASE’: Conscious Living and Compassionate Eating (HARD COPY)

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Follow an all-star team of local women- wellness coaches, chefs, artists, nutritionists, entrepreneurs and more- through 50 vegan/vegetarian-adapted traditional recipes from Chamoru, Filipino cultures, and international cuisine.

Co-creation of this beautiful, healthy, plant-based cookbook and e-book helps build collaborative resistance in the Marianas to a colonized modern diet that erases indigenous culture, pollutes bodies and harms the environment.

Practical tips on composting and using traditional local produce enhance our guide to local restaurants and stores.

This work of love combats the climate crisis, decolonizes our communities on the path to a just transition, and shares the taste of our culture with the world.

All proceeds go into the climate justice work our organization does. 

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