As we face the most critical challenge of our time - climate change - we urge all peoples to shift their relationships with the earth and with each other.

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Fanggái'ase' -Conscious Living & Compassionate Eating. A digital cookbook.

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In 30 years there might be more plastics in our ocean than fish. All of us must do our part to reduce the waste we create. 

As each of us makes the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle, we need to be creative in reusing and recycling all plastic materials. This is our organization's effort to be a part of the waste crisis solution. MCCA is in the process of setting up a plastics program. Save your #2 and #5 plastics- check the bottom of containers for the info- & revisit us in the fall for our donations location.

We are putting our donations on hold for now to upgrade our safety measures, comply with regulations, & help to create policy to incentivize solutions. 

Plastics Drop-off Location

Donations on hold for now.

Please check back this fall.