Food Sovereignty

For thousands of years, the CHamorro people lived in harmony with the environment, relying on the land and sea for shelter, sustenance and healing. But hundreds of years of violent colonialism, war, and hyper militarization have separated us from our indigenous lifeways. Our food sovereignty work seeks to connect us back to our ancestral ways of life. 

From Our Nånas, For Our Nenis: Season 1- Food Sovereignty

In addition to Fanggai’ase’, we also developed a companion web series entitled “From Our Nånas, For Our Nenis” hosted by Cami Egurrola and Franceska De Oro. This series explores Guam’s food systems and local organizations working towards a food sovereign future.

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FANG'GAISE: Plant-Based Cookbook

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we learned that Guam imports 90% of all food and products sold on the island. This glaring statistic really put our present imperial relationship with the United States into sharp focus and as a result, we decided to develop our region's first plant based cookbook entitled FANGGÁI’ASE’: compassionate eating and conscious living.

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