Youth Empowerment

Kulo’ and H2OO


The next generation has been so vital around the world in calling for real solutions and climate action. We are partnering with The University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability (UOGCIS), and UOG Green Army to develop youth leadership program entitled Kulo’: Emerging Climate Leaders. In CHamoru, kulo’ is the trumpet shell used to gather our community together for a purpose. We are seeking motivated youth ages 11 to 25 who hear the call to climate action. As the climate crisis impacts everyone, we encourage youth of all ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual and gender orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds to become engaged.

As part of the Kulo’ participants will:

  • learn about the causes and impacts of the climate crisis locally, regionally, and globally
  • root themselves in cultural values and indigenous wisdom to build island resilience
  • connect with relevant regional leaders, agencies, organizations and stakeholders
  • create solutions to address the climate crisis
  • develop an action plan to raise awareness and mobilize our island communities.

Heirs to Our Oceans

We also align with the international youth organization Heirs to Our Oceans (H2OO) and host the community chapter for Guam. Heirs are educating ourselves and others, buoying hope, floating solutions, and creating waves of change that will ensure the health of our blue planet. Heirs are the next generation of fearless and compassionate youth leaders who will ensure a healthy natural environment for everyone.