Indigenous Rights

Indigenous Rights 
As a nonprofit we prioritize the employment of indigenous people. Indigenous wisdoms and values are solutions to the global climate crisis, as they are more rooted and deeply connected to the natural world.  
In Micronesia we uplift and amplify efforts to protect natural resources and cultural practices. We support the self determination of natives people specifically in the Chamoru homelands where we are head quartered. The threats of militarization in the Marianas and Micronesia are alarming, we support Prutehi Litekyan Save Ritidian and Our Commonwealth in their campaigns to build more peaceful islands.  We heed the call to honor the ancestors of lands and help to cultivate inclusivity and true allyship.
Uno hit yan I tåno 
Uno hit yan i tasi 
Uno hit yan I atdao 
Uno hit yan I langet 
We are one with earth 
We are one with the sea. 
We are one with the sun 
We are one with the sky.



Micronesia Climate Change Alliance believes that fostering deeper connections to the land and each other is critical to realize a more harmonious future.

Uno Hit and Chamoru Values

Values are the things that you believe are important in how you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is going the way you want it to. As islanders, we live in small places and our ancestors had to make sure our resources were clean, safe and protected, especially for future generations. Our families, villages and whole community are a very close net, intertwined.

The current systems that rule our world -patriarchy, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism- operate on individualism, fear and greed. They take more than they give, consuming all that is sacred and sustaining in their path to benefit a very few. This is counter to the way our people, the CHamoru people of the Marianas, all islanders of Micronesia and oceania, and indigenous peoples throughout the world exist. We act collectively. We value the sacred knowledge of the earth that has been passed on to us for generations, knowledge that can bring the healing the world so desperately needs.
As we face the most critical challenge of our time -climate change- we urge all peoples to shift their relationships with the earth and with each other. As indigenous peoples, our historical traumas are interconnected. But more powerfully, the strength of our collective healing, the value of our ancient wisdom, and the liberation of our peoples are also connected. Uno hit. We are one. Let us be one voice that can no longer be ignored.
For indigenous peoples, Uno Hit, the notion that we are one, is a simple truth that has guided our life in ways that have sustained us since the beginning of time. Reciprocity is embedded in us just as naturally as breathing is. We deeply understand the rippling effects of our actions, and thus, we always strive to act with love and for the greater good of our peoples, our lands and our environment.   


We are ONE- Taotao tano, Taotao tasi

Inafa’maolek- harmony, to make good for everyone. Cultural values and connections between islands and culture. People of the LAND and SEA- Interconnectedness.

Uno Hit- We are One. The realization that we are one with the environment, each other and the past & future. The realization that all life is interconnected- a powerful catalyst in changing our behavior for the betterment of all. Our actions directly impact the world around us and the world directly impacts us.  

Respetu- (noun)- Gai Respetu have respect and Tai Respetu no respect