Women Empowerment

Women are central to the movement to protect Mother Earth. Women are at the intersections of the pathways towards collective justice.Many of our initiatives are women led, and MCCA supports organizations that uplift and protect women on Guam such as Island Girl Power, VARO, Maga’håga Rising and many more.

2022 Guam Heartbeat Act Protest

In April of 2022, the 36th Guam Legislature introduced a version of the Texas-adopted Heartbeat Bay Bill, limiting the reproductive rights of women. Two months later, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. In partnership with Famalao'an Rights and other local entities, we helped to organize protests over the span of a few months to fight our right to bodily autonomy and liberation.


2020 Fanohge Famalåo'an Women's March

In partnership with Maga'håga Rising, we proudly hosted the Micronesian region's first Women’s March Global in January of 2020, when we joined millions of people worldwide marching for women’s rights. The purpose of the march was to mobilize and assemble impactful actions to defend women's rights globally.

learn about the Women's March Global


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